Evaluation Of A Clinical Psychologist Essay

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Many psychology majors have the notion that a clinical psychologist performs daily psychological evaluations in the luxury of their cozy office. Although this is the case for a clinical psychologist who have their own private practice, many clinicians will spend hours throughout the day conducting evaluations in different schools or prisons. It is important traveling psychologist are equipped with the materials necessary to performing several psychological assessments for any ages. The purpose of this full battery Project is to demonstrate what a typical day would be like for a Clinician conducting a series of assessments throughout the day.

Daily Test Materials: • Test manuals
• Several Instruments
• Test questions
• Pencils
• Pens
• White copy paper
• Stop watch

A clinician’s first step in conducting a full battery of psychological testing consists of the very first clinical interview with the client. The interview conducted by the Psychologist could be structured, unstructured, or semi- structured. For the purpose of this battery project I choose to conduct a Semi- structured interview for my client. A semi-structured interview allows me to skip over prepared questions that doesn’t have great significance in my assessment. On the other hand, I will still have the benefit of sequence of questioning deciding if I would like to ask follow up question to my Client. This type of interview will save time and allow easy flow back and forth between

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