Evaluation Of A Company With Insurance And Finance Divisions

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CRM at Minitrex Durga Reddy Koranda IST 7100 – 2015 Wilmington University Table of Contents Background 3 Recommendations 3 Analysis 6 Appendices 7 Background Minitrex is a company with Insurance and Finance divisions. The Insurance division is led by Harold Blumfen, VP of Insurance and the Finance division is led by Mariella Hopkins. Minitrex also has a sales and marketing department which is led by Georges Degas, Director of sales. The sales and marketing team’s goal is to sell multiple products to customers. They are responsible for up selling and cross selling of the products of Minitrex. The sales and marketing team uses customer contact system to keep track of the customer information. The Insurance division uses…show more content…
Recommendations Here I have two recommendations for the organization in order to maintain the centralized customer data. They are 1. Leveraging the “Management Business Center Application” which is currently being used by the finance team to be used by the other departments in the organization. This recommendation will be comparatively cheaper as this application is already being used by the finance team and the similar application needs to be built up for the Insurance and other departments. The major funding should be contributed by the insurance and sales teams to complete this project. Minor changes may be required in the existing finance application as it has to feed the data to the sales and marketing team. In this scenario the training for the employees can be provided by the IT team to bring them up to speed. The expenses for the training should be completely funded by the respective divisions. 2. Create a new CRM application which includes the customer information from all the divisions. This recommendation will be comparatively expensive as it requires a complete new development of the application from scratch. In this scenario all the divisions will have to contribute towards the project funding. The options available for this recommendation are buying and existing CRM or building a customized CRM. I would prefer to go for buying an existing
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