Evaluation Of A Functional Assessment

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Functional Assessment Prior to the implementation of this intervention study, the previous available data was analyzed through a functional behavior assessment. This assessment examined all of Matthew’s target behaviors in addition to the antecedents and consequences of the behavior. The assessment also evaluated possible correlations between the environmental triggers such as time of the day, lighting, noises, temperature, etc. and the targeted behaviors. Furthermore, Matthew’s parents and school staff, who interacted with him, were interviewed. The teachers noticed a pattern for the approximate time and task of when the behaviors occurred. The functional behavior assessment and informal interviews identified that Matthew’s aggression is predominantly related to his attempt to escape from academic demands placed by adults in the classroom. The naturalistic observations also helped the authors to notice the time of day when the behavior most likely occurred. Shortly after the school day started, the students participated in mathematics class. Each child had to complete a worksheet, and to avoid task completion; Matthew demonstrated aggressive behaviors towards the nearest adult(s). The functional behavior assessment results enhanced the professionals’ knowledge about the background of environmental and other related variables, which may reinforce the targeted behaviors.
Data Collection
Each phase included sessions that were conducted each school day. Each session lasted
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