Evaluation Of A Improvement Plan

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Improvement plan must be in place in order to decrease the likelihood of a reoccurrence of the outcome of the Mr. B scenario. The model for Improvement gives us the foundation and the frame work for doing improvement work. It is structured around several key components. There are 3 questions that are presented on this model. First question is what is your aim? We have also ask ourselves how good we want to be and by when we will like to achieve it. Second question is how would you know a change is an improvement? Which gets to measurements, we want to look at process and outcome measures. The third question is what changes can we put in place to achieve the aim? What change we can put into place that you can tract with data and you can match back up against your aim (Lloyd, 2009).
B.) The improvement plan gets carried out with daily work with a team through the PDSA cycle. The PDSA cycle stands for Plan, DO, Study, and Act. The PDSA is where we do testing on data to day. We take the idea and place it in the PDSA cycle, where we plan it, do it, study it, and then we act. We change the plan base on the feedback we get in the study step (Lloyd, 2009). In regard to Mr. B’s scenario, the aim of the improvement plan is to screen each patient that comes come to the emergency room for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). We will have a DVT flowchart available to the nurse to use to ask each patient question that may be related to signs and symptoms of DVT. We can also have standing

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