Evaluation Of A Performance Character

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Performance character is very important. I set out to find a way to analyze and improve my performance character. I took a little time this week and searched for ways to better understand character performance. I made a plan stuck with it and found that it really worked. Looking back I would say that implementing the character education concept has proved to be a success. Performance character is more than analyzing one’s own PERFORMANCE. It’s diving deep and discovering one’s motivation, shortcomings, abilities, skills, and abilities. Author Claudia Hazar of the University of Zurek had this to say about performance “Researchers in the field of positive psychology postulate that morally positively valued personality traits—character strengths—help people to flourish and lead them to good and right behavior. The right behavior can be being productive or profitable , and therefore, it is hypothesized that the possession of specific character strengths is related to productive or profitable behavior at work (i.e., job performance). There is first empirical evidence that character strengths do matter at work. It is evident that that our specific relationship to performance is directly correlated with our level of job PERFORMANCE I applied the performance character education quite simply. On Monday I came into the office early, and created a small worksheet for myself. The worksheet was titled My Goals, Dreams, Necessities, and Plans for 2016. The worksheet had a few opened

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