Evaluation Of A Social Worker

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The client scored a positive four on the Rathus Assertiveness Scale showing that he is appropriately assertive when needed. This indicates to the social worker that Mr. Wallace is able to affectionately meet his needs and describe his purpose. The social worker can assess that he is able to take into account his own needs and others. Mr. Wallace shows through his scoring a need to please himself without harming others. This is a positive characteristic for him and will become helpful in future sessions with the social worker. Social Support Systems Mr. Wallace lacks concrete social support after the death of his mother four years ago. The client relied on his mother for his social support and stated that he only trusted her with his personal information. Currently the client struggles with having healthy relationships with others and relies on his friendships for substance obtainment. The client is attending counseling sessions in order to obtain a better social support system and increase healthy relationships in his life. Genogram Attached to assessment. Eco Map Attached to assessment. Strengths Assessment Mr. Wallace has described strengths in both his personal and professional life. The client is able to hold a job as a CEO for PetCo while pursuing his PhD in Business at the University of Michigan. He showed through his persistence in work that he is capable of holding a job and developing higher educational status. With his higher job placement and education, the

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