Evaluation Of A Strategic Management Process

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Most organizations put in place a strategic management process in order to identify long-term objectives and put in place action plans that will contribute to the achievement of these long-term objectives. The feedback control model is one of the many model used by management in order to ‘meet strategic goals by monitoring and regulating the organizations’ activities (Daft, 2016, p.661).’ The provided feedback is used to determine if employees have met the standards or objectives set before them through their performance. This model is comprised of four steps: establishment of standards, measurement of standards, performance comparison in relation to standards and finally corrective actions, when necessary. This paper will analyze the Five Stars case in relation to these four key steps.
Feedback Control System
The feedback control system was used in the Five Stars case in order to address the issue of teacher accountability regarding students. The department of education wanted to ensure that student were able to progress in their education despite their school system. Let’s examine each step of the system in relation to the Five Stars case.
Establishing Standards. The strategic management plan is comprised of long-term and short-term objectives that designed around the vision of the organization. Managers have the responsibility of setting up standards that must be followed by employees. According to Daft (2016), these standards reflect activities or
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