Evaluation Of A Student Struggling With Literacy Comprehension And Theories

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Structured External Assignment: Case Study on Caden Tori Brien Wilmington University October 16, 2014 Literacy instruction is intended to offer students the skills and strategies that are necessary to embark in the education process. Each student has a different path towards comprehension of literacy, also about the different types of texts and the focuses within those texts. To have effective literacy instruction, the student should be able to decode, comprehend, and discuss the text. They should be able to be skillful enough to work with the text in a variety of formats, including reading aloud and silently, being read to with comprehending and focusing, using the print to access web sources and all understand all genres of text. Have proficient skills in literacy also addressees all other areas including; comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing (Cohen, 2001). This case study will introduce a student struggling with literacy comprehension and theories to support the student’s case. Also included is an understanding for this issue and examples to help the student succeed. Developmental Theories Cognitive development refers to the student being able to understand the concepts and the ability to think with reason. While language motivates cognitive development, language complexity influences cognitive abilities (Berk & Winsler, 1995). The capability to relate with others while using your language can help students develop their cognitive
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