Evaluation Of Action For Address The Theatre Manager

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1. Q: As the district manager, establish a plan of action to address the theatre manager. Indicate what communication should take place and how it will take place, and draft the contents you plan to discuss in essay format. Provide at least two sources to back up your recommendations for addressing the situation.
In todays society we all know how important communication and awareness is, especially when it comes to the day-to-day world of a theatre and the operational status of ones business. While it’s never an easy task to address an issue affecting ones business, it’s imperative that they are aware of the protocols to take when an issue should arise and what follow-up procedures are to to be carried out with consistency once the
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4). So, considering the degree of this situation it’s the only method to which will benefit all parties involved, since this matter needs to be handled quickly and efficiently and eliminating any additional time wasted. In addition to the conference call my follow-up plan would include to reach out to the theatre manager via telephone and if unable to reach her I’ll leave a voice mail for her to return my call as soon as possible; with a call back number to where I can be reached. However, if there’s no response within the hour, then my next move will be to send a text message for her to give me a call as soon as possible; in regards to a serious business matter that needs her immediate attention. It is important for all employees to understand that consistency and communication is key and that problems that arise can not only degrade the company as a whole but also the employees at that particular location.
While the issue in regards to the bed bugs is not acceptable, it does have to go through certain protocols to be effective in the long run, that’s why a set plan of action needs to be put into play that both the District Manager and Manger agree upon; called “the upward communication flow” (Lehman, Dufrene, & Walker, pp.6). In order to do this, I’ll need to speak with my manager to see what steps she’s already put into play before any other suggestions take
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