Evaluation Of Action For Address The Theatre Manager

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1. Q: As the district manager, establish a plan of action to address the theatre manager. Indicate what communication should take place and how it will take place, and draft the contents you plan to discuss in essay format. Provide at least two sources to back up your recommendations for addressing the situation. In todays society we all know how important communication and awareness is, especially when it comes to the day-to-day world of a theatre and the operational status of ones business. While it’s never an easy task to address an issue affecting ones business, it’s imperative that they are aware of the protocols to take when an issue should arise and what follow-up procedures are to to be carried out with consistency once the problem has been addressed in order to prevent repeated offenses and preserve the reputation of the theatre. Although, there are many different ways to reach out to my theatre manager to correspond with her on this matter, my ultimate and ideal choice of contact would first be to reach her through a conference call, since I’m unable to have a physical meeting due to being away on a different business matter. I believe that a conference call will be able to have individuals that are not necessarily employed at that exact location but a part of the management hierarchy present in a timely manner and get everyone involved to address the plan of action,“even in an ideal communication situation, one party should be able to encode the message in such a

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