Study Questions Case 2.1 Yellowtail Marine Inc. Essay

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1. What are Gilcrist’s responsibilities to the company? To the employees who might resent her sudden appearance? To Boswell?

Gilcrist’s position is a walk-in president of the company due to Gunerson’s death intervened. Now Gilcrist must learn the business in a fast pace and keep it running without Gunerson’s advice. She can expect some skepticism from her employees because that’s what usually happens when change occurs. Her employees will watch her every move to grade if she’s capable of handling the task as president. Boswell challenges Gilcrist with a difficult task. She has no secretary and it was apparent that there are severe production problem persists in the yard, and an assortment of other tasks. It’s a tough time to start
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5. How should she communicate her decisions?

She must communicate with all managers and Board of Director through several conference meetings about her decisions. A strategic planning meeting will be scheduled with all members of the company to discuss future plans and actions. Gilcrist ask that each associate please be patient during this initial stage, and to make all of you aware that some meetings and tasks will be delegated to appropriate personnel as needed.

6. What risks does Gilcrist face? What painful decisions should she make?

The industry is in the sinking market as sales are declining for the last two years. Gilcrist must avoid re-establishing the company in a sinking market, but to make innovation and change. She should invest her marketing budget into the power boat segment of the industry and expand the company or even move the company to a different location. The challenge for Gilcrist will be to stimulate employee creativity and tolerance for change due to her new directorship as president.

7. Should she immediately move to make the company more market-oriented? How?

Yes, the move would be a wise choice if Yellowtail is having problems complying with regulations. Saggitarious has been very successful and is interested in selling the company to Yellowtail for $250, 000. The company is located in the Great Lakes near Chicago. With Saggitarious being

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