Evaluation Of Environmental Impact Assessment And Interpretation Analysis

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Evaluation of environmental impact analysis of specific steps includes determining the objectives and scope, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation analysis and improvement. For building materials, its objectives and scope of major concern supplies corresponding resource consumption and pollution problems and energy, inventory analysis determined mainly refers to collect supplies throughout the life cycle of inputs and outputs, including energy resources, exhaust emissions from wastewater systems, solid waste and other environmental releases. Environmental impact assessment methods using total energy consumption, environmental evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste burden. Finally, according to inventory…show more content…
Saving effect gained depends on technological progress, water legislation, create water market, etc. The goal of saving water is to achieve optimal economic, resource and environmental benefits. Energy is most important basis of human survival and development, economic development is dependent on energy development. In the case of current world water shortage, water problem has become common concern issue in the world, water shortage become an important reason restricting economic development. From building materials production; building work until the use of building, ever consume water, water has become an important issue in green building system. Green building water saving refers to on the basis concept of green building saving water on the local condition. There are 3 layers of green building water saving: one is to reduce water consumption; second is to improve the efficient use of water and prevent leakage; third is green building water saving should advance from four levels: reduce the rate of water supply pipe network leakage; strengthen the application of water saving appliances; water recycling and rainwater management; focus on design and implement of water saving standards and measures. Sustainable use of green building water is distinguished from tradition building. Study sustainable utilization of water is aimed to explore the new model for how to implement water saving and rational use of
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