Evaluation Questions On The School

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There are many issues the school needs to consider before starting to collect data. When the school collects data, the school has to observe confidentiality. Therefore, when reporting data, it is important not to reveal students private information and only report on groups large enough to make it impossible to identify individuals. The school reports on groups that are twenty or more people and follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The school seeks permission from the administration and parents, where appropriate, to collect data. The school considers the challenges faced in collecting data such as barriers in language, schedules, access to computers and transportation for the persons involved with the data collection. These challenges need to be conquered before continuing. The school must know the population of the people who will participate. Whereas, there are different sources that can be used to answer the evaluation questions. One source used to answer questions is using data already taken by the school or districts. However, some evaluation questions may need more information. Thence, the school collects data through data systems, surveys, focus groups in addition to already gathered data. The school has data systems that include information about the individual student. Included in this data system are student demographics, achievement, attendance, suspensions, expulsions and other information about the student. Another
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