Essay about Evaluation of 2 Preschool Programs

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According to our textbook Student Teaching, “A quality preschool program will have a balanced curriculum” along with many other standards. There are many different types of programs for young children. There are private programs, public programs, center programs, and family child care homes. Many of these programs provide a quality program for children and families. In order for us to understand what quality means we were asked to use the PAS evaluation tool on two programs. We were then asked to justify our choice of program for our final internship. Below is my description of the two programs I chose to evaluate and my justification of why I have chosen one of these programs for my final internship. The two programs that I chose to …show more content…

They engage children in meaningful/purposeful learning activities and play. The preschool program includes curriculum areas such as science, math, PE, social studies, technology, and Spanish along with cognitive skills such as language, early reading and writing to name a few. Instruction is balanced between individual, small and large group instruction. Children are assessed on an ongoing basis at NCA. Staff communicates with parents regularly. For example, the teachers send out weekly newsletters in addition to a school wide newsletter that is also sent out once a week. The mission of NCA is to partner with parents in the education of their child. In addition to the above, I feel that Naples Christian Academy is also a good fit for my future career goals. I plan on continuing to work at NCA. In fact I am getting this degree so I can better serve the students in my care. I also believe the teachers at NCA will and have enhanced my learning. For example, I have observed many of the teachers at NCA for my college work. I have witnessed excellence in teaching in all of the classrooms. The teachers at NCA have been excellent mentors throughout this entire program. According to our textbook Student Teaching, “NAEYC holds that the most important determinant of the quality of children’s experiences is the adults who are responsible for children’s care and education.” All of the head teachers at NCA have BS or higher degrees. They also attend workshops to

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