Evaluation of Two Preschool Classrooms Using Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale

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According to our textbook Student teaching, “A quality program is one that exceeds rather than meets minimum standards for licensure.” To help us determine if a preschool classroom/program provides quality and to help us understand what quality means we were asked to evaluate and compare two preschool classrooms using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale. The classrooms I chose to evaluate and compare using the ECERS evaluation tool were the 4year old classroom at Naples Christian Academy and the 4 year old classroom at The Learning Center. Below is my comparison of both classrooms using the ECERS evaluation tool. Naples Christian Academy, as discussed before, serves children from pre-k3 to 8th grade. The Learning Center serves children from age 2 to 5 years old. According to the PAS evaluations that I did for course EEC 4941, Naples Christian Academy and The Learning Center provide a quality program for children and families. After observing both 4 year old classrooms for two days, I was able to determine whether or not both 4 year old classrooms provide quality also. Naples Christian Academy scored an average score of 6.93on the ECERS and The Learning Center scored an average score of 6.58 on the ECERS. The first section I evaluated at both locations was space and furnishings. Naples Christian Academy scores a 7 and The Learning Center scored a 6.25. The Learning Center classroom did not have a sand/water table visible when I observed the

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