Evan Breyer, The Founder And The Former Ceo Of Growing Places

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Background Information History Evan Breyer, who was the founder and the former CEO of Growing Places, failed to make profitable growth that the company had to struggle to break even. Evan had spent too much time on the gripe sessions, which was a platform for employees to voice their gripes, in lieu of working out plans. Also, Evan did not have innovative ideas so there was not an impressive growth of the company. To rescue it from the edge of closure, Evan hired Rob Miranda, who had worked as the president of a small insurance company for ten years, to be the new CEO of Growing Places. Development Rob had a different perspective on the challenges the company was facing and he had innovative ideas to revitalize the company’s financial performances. His strategy was to refocus the company’s objectives and set new goals for the employees. Under the leadership of Rob, together with the reforming of the company, Growing Places had expanded from six freestanding, garden-variety facilities in Ohio to around 60 of on-site facilities at companies and universities in five states. Rob’s creative ideas, such as the lactation rooms, helped the company pass through its hard times. Growth The board of Growing Places wanted to set up a scholarship program for children from families which demonstrated financial needs. The company was finding corporate sponsor to help pay for the scholarships and extend the program to the other centers. Thrivand, one of the possible sponsoring

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