Event And Of The Baked By Rudi

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event and of the Baked by Rudi. The objective of this is to walk and run on shifts around the athletic complex the entire time of the event. If Baked by Rudi staff members are not walking or running the complex the members are serving cupcakes, cookies and refreshments to customers and runners and explaining who we , Baked by Rudi, are and about what we can do for the customer. The last sales campaign will be more of getting customers to come into the shop and we promote our chosen charity case. This community loves people that care about others. By promoting charity case and telling our customers for donations will not only help the charity of our choosing but our business. When people come into the business they don’t just come in to give to the charity and leave. They come in to buy a product and seeing we care about a charity shows the customers that Baked by Rudi has compassion for an organizations that might be near and dear to itself. In executing this campaign we will have to be in contact with a charity organizations like for example, SIDS for Kids or St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Some big organization or small ones could really trigger a chain reaction of customers. In asking for a donations for the charity the promotion that we will be using is Buy a dozen of customer chosen cupcakes or cookies and twenty percent of the purchase will go to said charity. This will not only show our customers the care of our business but promote our business in a positive way. The

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