Every Good Boy

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”Every Good Boy” – David Nicholls Finding something you are good at is a big part of growing up. Parents and the surrounding society expect us to be particularly good at something. Today it is all about being different from others and to stand out from the crowd and to have a talent. People want to practice a lot because they are told to. But the question is, “does practice really makes perfect?” People have a fear of not being good at anything at all. People want richness and fame. People have high expectations for themselves, and want to reach a high level. Quickly they are under pressure, and they try to practice even more. But that will often give the opposite effect. In the short story "Every Good Boy" written by David Nicholls the…show more content…
The story is about memorizing, too. “”I don’t understand why you can't just play the right notes." Mrs. Chin would sigh.” “Every Good Boy”? Well, the narrator is a good boy, when he practices so much as he does. But everyone else thinks it is horrible. So is the narrator a good boy compared to the others thoughts? The narrator has been put down for his whole life so much that he starts believing it. Actually he thinks that he kills Mrs. Chin, because he plays so bad. “… That this was my fault and that I had killed her with Scott Joplin's The Entertainer. I had stopped her heart.” Actually Mrs. Chin was an old lady and the music had not killed her but the ages had. The narrator tries to find his talent, because you have to find something you want to do the rest of your life. But in the end it can lead to misconceptions. People get too egoistic and the only thing they are thinking about is their talent and they forget all about friendships and love in the world, but only if we are being too absorbed with it. Actually we all got talents, but it is so different between people. Some are born with it; some people learn it and some have not found their hidden talent yet. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. P. 8 line 9 [ 2 ]. P. 8 line 11 [ 3 ]. P. 10 line 64 [ 4 ]. First line [ 5 ]. P. 10 line 77 [ 6 ]. P. 11 line
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