Essay about Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

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Attending Samford University as a freshman, I was more than positive that all of my classes would be boring until I enrolled in Communication Arts 101. Communication Arts is a class required for all freshmen to take and it helps develop writing and speaking skills that will empower us as students. Traditionally, college professors will ask their students to write an essay and move on to the next assignment. In contrast, Samford University incorporates formal speeches into the curriculum to help students vocally express their research and thoughts. Our class was recently assigned to deliver an Informative speech, which is a major portion of our grade. My speech received a fairly good grade; however, there are some aspects of my speech that can be improved. These aspects of my speech that is in dire need of improvement will not be enhanced overnight; this will require a tedious process. I have indicated two weaknesses and a strength in my Informative speech. The weaknesses and strength I desire to alter in my Revision speech are as followed: my body language, my command of the material, and my voice quality.
In my Informative speech, I had a tendency to hold my notes cards in my hand for long periods of time. For example, when I was delivering my speech I had my note cards merely at eye-level throughout the duration of the speech. This weakness is unacceptable because it limits my ability to express gestures. Expressing gestures is imperative because it keeps the audience…

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