Everything Dali Paints Symbolizes Something Else Essay

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Dali’s Vision
The painting “Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Bee Around A Pomegranate A Second Before Awakening” was painted by Dali in 1944. The painting is an oil on canvas painting with a dimension of 51cm x 40.5 cm. Salvador Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Spain. In his masterpiece he uses many different lines and colors to enhance what is going on in the painting. He illustrates a fruit, a fish, tigers, a rifle and a woman wearing no clothes sleeping. With every single object and or living thing shown he is making a statement and everything in the painting itself symbolizes something in the world. Dali’s “Caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before awakening” depicts vulnerability and …show more content…

The two tigers increase the seriousness of their aggression, while only one does not. Also, the rock is seen frequently throughout the painting, in the far sea beyond both the woman and the wild animals, the cliff, and lastly the flat rock over which the woman is floating. As such, the firmness of the rock is repeated. Moving on the artwork is very metaphorical with the woman representing humanity or more explicitly, innocence and all that is good. The rock that she is floating above represents moral principles. The tigers thinking themselves to be triumphant, over the restful woman without the support of the solid rock. Meanwhile, the antagonism of animals, and more precisely, the dismays of battle are about to descend upon the people like a downpour. The evil and horrors came from the sweet nectar of the pomegranate, which seemed to be so blameless on the outside, but filled with mischievousness and destruction. After all the forbidden fruit was a pomegranate according to what has been said.
Similar with the paintings focus is in the bee flying around the smaller pomegranate. This elephant, with its long legs and its great load, characterizes the worldly greed, which also differed from the traditional principles, Its long legs represent its disregard for others, especially those in need, like the woman who is about to be attacked. As a result, the elephant is no better than the tigers about to mangle and kill the woman.

Henceforth, Dali’s “Caused by

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