Everything 's For A Reason

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everything 's for a reason For a reason, by Logan Ellington

Well, This is a story about a young man, he was not too short but not very large either, he was about five feet four inches tall. He love basketball, at this moment he is about ten . He tells his dad that he likes basketball and that’s what he wants to play and take part in. Although his father wanted him to be a baseball player, he still asked him. His dad was a mean person, he wanted what he wanted with no care for anyone else feelings, so of course he said no James, you will be a baseball player and that’s final. At that moment in time James was dedicated to be a basketball player.
One year later, James come in the house his mom shouts, it is time to eat before baseball …show more content…

So when he was on his way to school he was thinking about calling his mom and asking her if she could bring it to him, so"he is thinking no I will not call her". So as the school day goes on as normal, he got worrisome and can only think of his jersey all day. When the day gets over and he is going to practice, but then he gets stopped by his friend Kevin, he says let’s go play some ball, James says no I have baseball practice. Kevin says come on let’s just go please I have nobody to play ball with me Kevin says. So
James says okay just this one time. James has never played real ball, just a couple shots in the gym but that it. So the get to the park and there is people balling there, James got nervous. Immediately after they got there they started to shoot for teams.
So he was first up the shoot and I made it. A couple minutes later we start. He finally get the ball in the corner and he air-balled the shot. They get mad at me so I just stop playing, I remember that I promised myself that I will play ball and that’s what I am going to do,”he thinks to himself”. So when he gets home he gets in trouble. He lied to his dad and told his dad that he was walking his girl home and his dad believes him. So the next day after practice he goes and plays ball. “In Fact,...”? he does for the next three years. He becomes very good. By the time he gets to 9th grade his teams wins the state championship.
He only averages like twelve

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