Evgeny Vasilevich Bazarov Essay

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One of the central characters, Evgeny Vasilevich Bazarov, is introduced as a nihilist, someone who doesn’t believe in anything and is well known to reject everything including existing values and institutions. A reflection of the new generation, Bazarov ideals as a nihilist exaggerates his hypermasculinity. His distaste and objectification towards women along with his desire to dominate and his lack of emotions reveals his hypermasculinity. He is sexually aggressive, active, independent and extremely competitive which further proves his hypermasculine traits. The introduction of Anna Sergeevna Odintsova threatened Bazarov’s nihilistic perspective and his masculinity. Odintsova’s curiosity towards the idea that Bazarov does not believe in anything…show more content…
He is more submissive, emotional, sensitive and passionate which further demonstrate his feminine traits. Noticing his feminine traits, Bazarov made his last final attempt to regain his masculinity by requesting Odintsova before he dies. He tried to make Odintsova emotional and sensitive to bring out her feminine side in order to regain his masculinity. However, Odintsova did not budge and stayed emotionless throughout Bazarov multiple attempts to regain his dominance. As an individual who strictly followed his ideals as a nihilist and portrayed his hypermasculinity, Bazarov was easily changed and influenced by Odintsova. This exposure demonstrates how nihilism and hypermasculinity is a cover to hide Bazarov’s passionate and feminine side. Odintsova hypermasculinity was able to expose Bazarov’s alter-ego. What Bazarov rejects in others is something he rejects about himself. When he is judging others, he is judging himself. Ultimately, nihilism was a way for Bazarov to exaggerate his hypermasculinity and use it as a cover to hide his passionate and the feminine side that he rejects, however Odintsova’s hypermasculinity was able to exposed Bazarov and reveal his true
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