Evidence And Assessment Of Student Learning

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Evidence and Assessment of Student Learning How will you know whether students are making progress toward your learning goals for each of the following types of performance: exceeds expectations, meets expectations, and below expectations. (Be sure to include both content and language, assessed either separately or together.) Students will be meeting expectations throughout the lesson if they are correctly using the vocabulary with the aid of the word bank or the use of the textbook while explaining their answers and reasoning. Students will be exceeding expectations if they are interacting with their fellow classmates and are using the lesson’s vocabulary without any aid while explaining their mathematical reasoning. Students will be…show more content…
Students exceed expectation if they are able to use several of the lesson’s proper term when explaining their answers. Students who are at the expanding level will meet expectation if they recognize the proper terms of the lesson in questions or problems. Students will not meet expectation if they do not incorporate the proper term in their responses, this indicate a degree of confusion. Students will exceed expectation if they incorporate the term of this lesson in their explanation when they are expressing verbally. Student feedback How will your provide students with feedback? (Include all types of feedback – electronic, peer, teacher, answer key, etc.; include not only correction but other) Teacher and peers will give the feedback throughout the lesson. The peer-peer feedback will be allowed during the lesson; teacher’s feedback will be given immediately. • How will you support students to meet their goals? (Most of the Lesson Plan goes here.) How will you get the lesson started? What questions, texts, inquiry modeling and/or other techniques will you use to engage students? ➢ Opening/Hook • Students will be introduced to this new unit by watching two brain pop videos; the first one regarding geometry, and the second one regarding angles. ➢ Prior Knowledge Activation • Subsequent from watching the video the teacher will have a discussion with students in order to access their schema
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