Evidence Based Nursing Interventions

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In the last few decades, a lot of sleep research studies have been done. Most of the studies have been looking at the structure of sleep and the need of sleep for the body to function properly. In the 1990s, sleep disturbance was identified to be a major issue by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. The nurses called for more studies to establish how sleep disturbance could be reduced in order to promote sleep (Hellström & Willman, 2011). To solve the problem, studies were conducted to investigate whether evidence-based interventions could help. Using cancer patients, evidence-based interventions for sleep-wake disturbances were investigated as part of the “putting evidence into practice” project. However, these interventions…show more content…
These nursing interventions include controlling noise levels for patients during the night, controlling lights, regulating room temperatures to increase comfort, encouraging patients to engage in physical activities during the day, making patients to abstain from alcohol and caffeine consumption, and avoiding day-time napping. According to studies conducted to show whether sleep hygiene nursing interventions improved sleep, inconsistent outcomes were found. Since the intervention was easy to apply, some studies found it to have medium scientific quality while others found it to have little effects on the patients (Hellström & Willman, 2011). Stimulation of acupoints is another nursing intervention that improves sleep. According to studies conducted to examine auricular therapy in Japan, stimulation of selected acupoints on the adult patient bodies was found to have a positive effect on their sleep improvement. This was shown after stimulation of acupoints in the ear of insomnia patients. The patients indicated a positive effect on sleep latency, and sleep…show more content…
They were also exposed to natural sounds like waterfall sounds, surging sea, and rain sounds. Assessments of the interventions were done based on the Richard's Campbell Sleep Questionnaire (RCSQ). In patients who had a Coronary Artery By-pass Graft (CABG) surgery, the directness of the intervention, like watching music videos, was very high. The studies also showed that the effects of the interventions were uncertain in other categories of adult patients. Therefore, the interventions had little effects in improving patients sleep. Aromatherapy nursing intervention was also examined in one study. However, it was found to be less efficient in improving sleep in adult patients (Hellström & Willman,
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