Evolution, Free Energy, Information, And Systems

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Biology is the study of life, and there are four main ideas in the field of biology: Evolution, Free Energy, Information, and Systems. Evolution has five main concepts including natural selection, small sample size, non-random mating, mutations, and immigration & emigration. Contrary to popular belief, Darwin did not “invent biology” rather he created a way to explain natural selection, and defined Biology as “the tool that allows organisms to become better adapted to their local environments.” He also believed that all life shares a common ancestry, otherwise known as macroevolution. Free energy is the energy that is available to do work. The energy flowing from the sun to the earth, which is used is by plants for photosynthesis and respiration is such energy. Homeostasis, which is the maintenance of a strong internal environment, is key in dealing with free energy. Information is the importance of DNA and cell communication. DNA is what makes RNA and is located in the nucleus, and the RNA makes proteins, which are used to build organisms. Lastly, cell communication is cells transferring information whether using hormones or nerves. Biology is built on hierarchies of systems, such as carbon compounds, macro molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and so on.

VIDEO 2 REVIEW: SCIENTIFIC METHOD Scientists, as well as anyone who is interested in seeing how something in the world works use the Scientific Method.

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