Evolution of Gun Culture in America

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Depending on tastes and styles, modern and contemporary culture is a rapidly changing trend, whereas the deeper culture of political values and beliefs change more slowly. This is the case with what is termed as the gun culture in the United States of America. The gun culture in America is predominantly divided into the ‘pro-gun right group’ and the ‘pro-gun control group’. These two groups contend against each other for social and political resources, and this is struggle that is infamous in the contemporary American culture. Each group considers themselves to be orthodox or mainstream of the comprehensive American culture but at the same time they are portraying each other to be the absurd and irrational subgroup within the wider American culture. The numbers of the pro-gun population has begun to decline, but pro-gun culture should still be allowed and not be considered a threat to the nation. The gun culture is considered to be the group of the American life that consider guns as a significant part of their lives. These are people that supports the right to possess firearms and do not desire to be opposed by the government. Even though the term ‘gun culture’ is not inconsistent, the language and images that are used by the gun control and gun right activists is extremely differentiated. The gun control activists have an upsetting attitude towards the use of guns and firearms, and the association with violence. They believe there is a direct correlation between usage of
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