Exam 11A Essay

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1) All of the following are Task Manager tabs EXCEPT ________. (1 point) Printers Services Processes Networking 2) The Windows 7 diagnostic tool used to monitor how efficiently the computer is running is the ________. (1 point) Services bar Task Manager Services tab Taskbar 3) Computer users who do not have Windows 7 and would like to reap the benefits of Task Manager can ________. (1 point) upgrade the amount of RAM and replace the CPU buy a whole new computer system download a shareware utility such as Task Info download a virus protection software package 4) The Performance…show more content…
The RAM chip is defective, so return it to the place of purchase for replacement. 20) Which of the following statements about RAM is TRUE? (1 point) Intel computers all use the same type of RAM. Different computers use different types of RAM. All computers use the same type of RAM. RAM and ROM must be the same type of memory. 21) What are banks? (1 point) A socket on the motherboard the number of slots on the motherboard A RAM location in memory A grouping of slots 22) RAM slots are labeled. (1 point) true false 23) Which of the following statements about the first slot you fill when you are installing RAM is TRUE? (1 point) It is the slot with the lowest number or letter. It is the slot to the left of the CPU. It is the largest slot. It can be any empty slot. 24) Where are the slots that hold RAM chips? (1 point) In the USB ports In the hard drive In the expansion bays On the motherboard 25) The hard drive is easy to change or use to transport data. (1 point) true false 26) An area on the recording surface of a Blu-ray disc turns blue when it contains data. (1 point) true false 27) An area on the recording surface of a CD-RW becomes opaque when it

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