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Pantaloons from a single format store in 1993, pantaloons retail India limited (pantaloons) had grown to become the largest multi-format retail store by 2004,pantaloon’s willingness to innovate and it’s indianness’ led to it’s dramatic growth. In 2004 pantaloons had more than 30 outlets in 13 major cities, including metros and non-metros, generating revenues worth INR 650 crores. * Pantaloon owned by the biryanis , was originaaly a Mumbai- based blended yarn manufacturing company. * In 1987 the company established manz wear pvt ltd (manz) to manufacturer men’s trousers under the brand name pantaloon. * In 1993 pantaloon fashion established chain franchised stores called pantaloon shoppers an exclusive store for menswear.…show more content…
Pantaloons signed up celebrated designers like Rohit bal,ravi bajaj among others. PoSITIONING: * With the tag line ‘0-80’ (age group), the store was positioned as a family store targeting the middle and upper class customer * Pantaloons decided to focus more on youth segment and tried to establish itself high up in the style. * In april 2004 pantaloons opened a ‘ barnie concept store’ the first such store in india. * ‘The magical world of barbie’ was targeted exclusively at young girls in the age group of 3 to 10 years. Pricing * Pantaloons immense popularity stemmed from the fact that it sold branded garments at affordable prices. * The price of the private labels was 20 -25 % lower compared to that of the branded ones. * In mens wear retailer earn margin between 55% and 60 % on private labels while in womens wear it was between 48%-50%. Distribution * Pantaloons were located at up-market, accessible and high- footfall. * Pantaloons also entered into a strategic alliance with inox leisure. Promotion * Pantaloons restored to press ,outdoor advertising, direct marketing, in – store promos cable and local channels for promoting its brand. * To gain customer loyalty, pantaloons launched

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