Examination Of School Counselors : The Perspectives Of Counselor Efficacy And Collaboration With School Staff

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Today’s professional school counselors have a pertinent role and responsibility in creating a safe, caring, and positive environment for students and school staff. In this type of environment is where students have the ability to thrive as teachers, parents, administrators and stakeholders seek to promote the educational, personal/social, and career development of students. Although the goal can seem like advantageous undertaking for most professional school counselors, it has been and will continue to be the driving force of the profession’s duties in schools. The majority of the school counselor’s duties often fall within the parameters of 3 categories that are discussed in Meral Atici 's (2014) article Examination of School Counselors’…show more content…
In the case of Atici’s research study, nine school counselors in Turkey, who were identified as highly effective in their work as school counselors and graduate student supervisors, had their types counseling activities examined, as well as, their self-efficacy. Atici compared the quantitative research previously mentioned to check for consistency and validity of the outcomes of her own research. Method As mentioned previously, Atici’s study is a qualitative study, focusing on the activities of school counselors and their self-efficacy as they work in their roles with students, teacher, parents and stakeholders. It should be noted that the nine school counselors volunteered to take part in the study that was heavily reliant on interviews. Data for the research was collected from the interviews with a tedious process of transcribing the interviews that averaged about 64 minutes per participant (Atici, 2014). The transcriptions were then evaluated by content analysis and that subsequently identified three main categories of emphasis: guidance curriculum, responsive services, and counselor perceptions regarding self-efficacy and collaboration with school staff. One of the main strengths that the study projected was that the researcher had a thorough background knowledge of previous related studies that would would give credence to her own work. Atici cited 25 research studies and did an excellent work of sharing each one’s relevance to her study,
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