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What makes the commercial romantic is by showing a couple go through all of their years together kissing and showing love for each other. They represent love in the best way they go from teenage kids to grey haired grandparents loving one another. This is a good representation of love because it shows them loving each other for years no matter how old they both are. What makes the picture romantic is the two people kissing and the words above them “back home for keeps.” You can see in the picture ad that the man in a military uniform. They represent how love can wait for someone after waiting for them for years as they’re gone. The audience of the commercial can be young adults to older adults and anyone inbetween. Since the commercial goes through all of the years of the couple together people can see themselves as the couple. The audience of the picture can be anyone that is dating/married to someone that is in the military. Another group that can be the audience is the …show more content…

They also assumed that most people could connect with the couple as they show a variety of different ages. They assumed that the audience view romance and love as a beautiful thing. The writers of the picture ad assumed that their audience would be able to feel how the couple is feeling when they come together. They also assumed that romance and love is a beautiful thing. In examples of romance biracial couples and gay couples are often left out of the popular picture of romance. These two groups of couples are often seen as controversial. Most of the couples shown on billboards, commercials and magazines are normally caucasian heterosexual couples. Cheerios came out with a commercial that had a biracial couple and they had a child together. A lot of people saw this commercial as very controversial and it is not normally seen on ads for a

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