Example Of A Narrative Essay On American Culture

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It’s easy to say that everybody’s perspective on their own culture is different and is explained differently. With the way people’s diction describes how their family immigrated to America in the 1970s, or why their grandmother adds a little extra spice with all of their meals. Or maybe how people use imagery to get them to understand and see the clothing their ancestors would wear back in India, or how hard their great great uncle would work everyday, seven days a week, lucky to get one hundred and fifty dollars. My family might not have come from some exotic culture, but my family does have a story to tell, from where they began, to where I am now. I’m a third-generation American. My father’s grandfather was from the French parts of Canada, and my mother’s grandmother is from a small town in Great Britain. My father’s mother was Baptist, my mother’s mother doesn’t have a set religion, but her grandmother is Christian. In the house that I live in, we don’t have a set religion that we follow.…show more content…
Up until this past year on June 26, it was illegal for homosexuals to be wed. It’s an awful thing to refuse a couple of marriage, just because they’re attracted to the same sex. I’m so ecstatic to be part of the youngest generation to see so many people be overjoyed to finally be able to be married. Having friends and family of a different sexual orientation, I could practically see the relief and happiness, knowing they’ll be able to sworn into matrimony. Accepting people for who they are is the first step to doing so many great things for other people. I don’t know what will come next, or if we’ll pull the whole “two steps forward, one step back” thing, but I can only hope for the best for every single soul who lives in these United States. Eventually, we will have everything perfected for everyone, no favoritism or advantages. Just a new country, making it’s
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