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I was born on December 25, 2003. Most of my life, I have lived in Arcadia, Ca. In 2015, my family moved to Ontario, Ca. Then in July of 2016, I moved to Riverside, Ca. Moving to different cities and schools has been one of the major events that has shaped my thoughts and beliefs. As a result, I have had the opportunity to learn and observe different cultures and have the chance to interact with different people. I am a straight A student that hopes to always to achieve an A in school. When I lived in Arcadia, everyone was an overachiever. Every student attended an after school where they teach two to three grade levels ahead. Extra credit was always a necessity, not a choice due to the competitiveness in school. By receiving a grade lower than an A, teachers look down on you. Attending school in Arcadia, even in elementary school was very pressuring. After moving out of Arcadia, I realized how easy and low the expectations were for students in Ontario and Riverside. This is why I want to work hard and stay a responsible student. I am interested in science and history. In school, I choose friends who will be supportive of me and…show more content…
This continued after moving to Ontario and Riverside. After participating in numerous amounts of extra curricular activities, I have seen that my interests are singing, swimming, reading, and cooking. Learning about finance and how to be successful is another of my interests. I also enjoy going on vacation with my family every year. My family embraces Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year, Moon Festival. In my family of four, my older brother and my parents widely influence me. Learning by making mistakes, I have understood that it is important to be responsible and to not always depend on others. I have also learned to understand that it is important to work hard because your life will be easier in the
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