Example Of Biblical Worldview

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Worldview Defined People shape the world around them every day through a fundamental perspective that envelops our philosophy, beliefs, and actions. This perspective is known as a worldview and as Phillip Ryken states, “it is a structure of understanding that we use to makes sense of the world around us.” Although different people have different beliefs inside their worldview, they still answer five questions about origin, identity, meaning/ purpose, morality, and destiny. A person’s worldview is not private because it is held in common with other people who share similar demographics, economics, and life experiences. Word Count: 110
Biblical Worldview The biblical worldview is rooted in the beliefs that the Bible is truly God’s own words. It fuels the belief that God controls everything in follower’s lives from origin to destiny and He shall be the final judge. The Bible has many different names for God and He holds three different forms such as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Although some may think that it is enough to just know the Bible, Michael Goheen emphasizes that “knowing the Word and living the Word correctly is important” because it will impact person’s biblical worldview. As one starts answering the five questions about what is biblically believed, they should start seeing more than just a collection of stories unfold before their eyes.
The biblical question of origin is addressed twice in the book of Genesis.

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