Example Of Departmental Culture

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my understanding of departmental culture by providing an analysis of its applied concepts through the lens of personal experience as an employee of the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE). ACOE is a government agency responsible for providing three distinct services to the 18 school districts in Alameda County: 1) to design and deliver professional development and business-related services based on the individual needs of each district, 2) operates as a school district for the juvenile court school system, providing direct services to the county’s most vulnerable and at-risk youth and 3) provides oversight to the 18 school districts as outlined in the Education Code mandated by the …show more content…

My current job title is classified as a program specialist with a focus on communication systems strategies. I am responsible for directly supporting the Department of Integrated Learning’s communication efforts which entail leading social media planning and implementation work and furthermore, the visualization of data collected from individual participants who attended one or more of our professional learning services offered. In the ten years, I have been with ACOE, I have experienced the leadership of two Superintendents of school and a gradual organizational and departmental culture shift as we adapt to the vision brought with new leadership in addition to responding to the needs of our constituencies.
Regional Cultures According to Barsoux, Schneider, & Stahl, regional cultures develop when differences within localities both on regional and national level evolve due to geography, history, politics, economics, languages and religion among other factors (pg. 65). “Within countries, it is sometimes the east-west divide that is important, leading to cultural difference between, for example, New York and California” (pg. 65). In looking at the concept of regional cultures through the lens of departmental culture, it is evident that regional cultural within ACOE exists between its four main divisions and departments within each division. For example: The Learning and Accountability Division has multiple departments underneath is organizational structure,

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