Example Of Developing School Philosophy

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Developing School Philosophy
Creating and maintaining a philosophy for any curriculum is a large undertaking. Philosophies set the tone, help create goals and maintain a standard for a school. There are theories, including nursing, that can help to support a philosophy. It is important to address theories and how they can support a philosophy as well as noting the concepts and goals of the school.
Out of the many different theories that can help to support a philosophy, the humanistic and constructivism theories come to mind. Keating discusses that the humanistic theory as it emphasizes self-determination and holds the assumption that people have “unlimited potential for growth” (2015, p.77). The humanistic theory would coincide with student values because they are still learning and gaining experience.
Similarly, in an article written by Zane Robinson Wolf and Denise Nagle Bailey, it was noted that the humanistic approach to nursing also applies to everyday experiences (2013). Wolf and Bailey further that, “Humanistic nursing practice asserts that clinical practice is predicated on the essential experiences of the nurse that are deliberately and consciously constructed.” (2013, p.62).
Another theory that would be supportive to a philosophy for a school of nursing is constructivism. “Constructivism is a learning perspective, arguing that individuals construct much of what they learn and understand, producing knowledge based on their beliefs and experiences.”

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