Example Of ESFJ Characteristics

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According to the assigned assessment, my reported MTBI is ESFJ. The ESFJ is consistent to what I actually am. I am outgoing and friendly to others (extraversion); People often tell me how charismatic and animated I am. I also like things organized and together, and I am very firm in my beliefs. Helping others when I can is something I also enjoy to do. Conceptual and theoretical ideas bother me, as I prefer concrete and factual ideas when I am learning or trying to analyze something. All of these traits are consistent with the type ESFJ. The describes this personality as “The Counsel.” The J aspect is most prominent in my daily life. As aforementioned, I like things organized and structured. Everything in my life has to be in order and I need to be in control of everything I do. I have to know what is always going on, so therefore, I can make the most appropriate decision. This is extremely useful as a nursing major, because it majoring in Nursing is quite challenging and very laborious; having a “game-plan” is advantageous. Majoring in nursing takes discipline and structure. These traits are necessary, in my opinion, to be successful.…show more content…
I like to please people, as this comes from my warm and caring side of me. People-pleasing could lead me to neglect my own needs. Nurses have to care give to patients without neglecting their own needs. When that happens, they could be endangering a patient. Furthermore, I am also vulnerable to criticism; I believe that I do everything correctly and perfectly, and when someone tells me that I am not, I have a problem with that. This is not good, because nursing is dynamic and it calls for one to take criticism to be more effective in delivering proper
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