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7 Trends That Will Impact Sales in 2018

To be successful, your company cannot remain stagnant. Buyer behaviour today is dramatically different from previous generations. With all the new platforms and strategies of today’s digital age, consumers continue to engage with brands in different ways.

Every new year brings new developments in the sales world—and 2018 is no different. Companies need to embrace these changes and be agile to survive in this ever-evolving industry.

Here are the top sales trends of 2018. Prepare for what’s coming to stay competitive.

1. Personalized Video

You already know how vital video is for sales; 51 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Video is
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Sales reps guide customers to the information and options that matter the most to their purchasing decisions.

Thanks to advancements in customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can receive prescribed methods for improving your sales. Artificial intelligence analyzes previous events in your organization and offers precise methods for improving.

3. Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular—even more so than traditional social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In fact, 1.3 billion users are now active on Facebook Messenger, exchanging over 2 billion messages a month with businesses. If that’s where your prospects spend their time, that’s where you want to be.

It’s safe to assume most people don’t bother answering their phones unless they know who’s calling. That’s why salespeople need to learn to communicate over messenger apps with their prospects. Matching prospects’ communication preferences is the key to connecting with them. Plus, communicating this way is easy and convenient for both sales reps and prospects.

4. Account-Based Selling

Account-based selling is a crucial part of B2B selling. It allows sales organizations to identify their ideal clients, then focus their efforts on those specific prospects. Companies benefit because they can get the clients they want without wasting time and energy attracting duds. Once you identify the decision makers you want to focus on, it’s

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