Relationship Selling And Transaction Selling

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Chapter 1
Question 4: There is a difference between relationship selling and transaction selling. The book defines relationship marketing as, “The process by which a firm builds long-term relationships with customers for the purpose of creating mutual competitive advantages” (Stanton 9). As learned throughout this chapter, relationship selling is very important for success. Relationship selling allows the salespeople to understand customers needs and wants and allows them to provide solutions. These solutions are value-added, which may be information and services as shared in the book.
Some roles in relationship selling include retaining existing accounts, become the preferred supplier, price for profit, manage each account for
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In transaction selling, salespeople call on a large number of accounts and he or she does not focus on building relationships with these customers. Salespeople involved in transaction selling, focus on getting the sale. I feel that these salespeople focus solely on the price and try to fit the customer’s needs on the basis of cost to get the sale.

Stanton, William J., Rosann Spiro. Management of a Sales Force, 12th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 2012-11-02. VitalBook file.

Chapter 2
Question 5: Marketing people rely on salespeople, while salespeople rely on marketing people. In marketing management there is a lack of communication between the two departments, marketing and sales.
As learned in the chapter, the marketing department is responsible for developing a firm’s marketing strategy. This strategy includes decisions on how to promote, distribute, and price the products (Stanton 45). The marketing department relies on the salespeople to determine the dependability. It is vital that the salespeople communicate the marketing strategy. If something is not selling, letting the marketing department know will allow them to make decisions and changes to the strategy.
Also, the salespeople work first hand with the customers and should know what is and is not working for the customer. The salespeople should collect this information from the customers
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