Unit 11 P1 and P2 Essay

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Firstly when being sales staff there is a lot of responsibility that you have to take in account. For example sales staff should have some understanding about the product. This includes features, benefits, and the cost of the specific product that the customer wants to purchase. For example if a sales staff were to sell a computer his/her knowledge should be: Specification of the computer Hard drive CPU (Central processing unit) Memory Software win XP or win 7 including (Word/Excel/PowerPoint.Etc.) Other warranty benefits that come with the computer Extra warranty should be provided.

Another important point would be to provide information. For example sales staff should explain in detail the main
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The advantage of this technique is that the customer may be thinking of buying a computer and could be interested in what there caller is saying which could lead to a sell. The disadvantages are when the customer is not expecting the call so this may lead them to being unhappy/ irritated. Also it can be much harder way to sell the product to the customer because the customer cannot see the product (quality) therefore they might not be interested.

Face-to-face takes place in a shop. This is when Customers show they are interested in buying the product because they have entered the store, also you can see how they are feeling about the product. The sales person can persuade the customer to buy the product by showing them the qualities of the product and explaining more about its capability.

Drop in visit is an unexpected visit where the sales person knocks on your door trying to sell you a product. Drop in visit can be easy as well as difficult to sell. Most people may not be comfortable with this visit; old people/kids may be scared because they do not know who is knocking on their door. The easier part of it is that you can demonstrate the product to show how it works and also show the statistics and its reliability to the customer.

Telemarketing is one of the ways of direct marketing which involves the use of the telephone for the marketing purpose. The salesperson involved uses the telephone to directly

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