Examples Of An Ideal Doctor

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“I must say this gentleman has good bedside manners. He is going to become a great doctor in the future.” I was flattered in front of my attending, when my patient, an old veteran in his 80’s honored me with respect. A good physician is calculated by his knowledge and experience, but an ideal physician is measured by his care and attention towards his patient. He told my attending how I remember his name in every encounter and he liked the way I discuss about his family issues, work stress and personal life along with my routine history and physical. I remember my attending smiled at me and said “You have portrayed an image of an ideal physician”. As a physician, we are intimately attached with our patients, through frightening illnesses as…show more content…
My enthusiasm and exploratory thoughts have helped me acquire a lot through medical schooling and real-world experience, but this fire of quest isn’t over yet. I am looking forward to be a part of your internal medicine residency program as it possesses a perfect combination of intellectual power and clinical grasp that will coach me to improve the outcome of my work in clinical medicine as well as research. I will contribute my knowledge to promote a positive learning environment and I will pioneer innovative ideas for the benefit of this program. My goal is to strive and thrive throughout the residency and beyond in the presence of a supportive team. After completing my residency years I want to participate and play my part in this growing and ever changing field for the betterment of people in pain and illness. I am sure that after three years, I shall turn out to be the best human and the brightest clinician and manage patients in the most beneficial
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