Examples Of Aphorism

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Jillian Marroquin

Ms. Pellegrino

August 2017

AP English Language and Comp


1. Anaphora - “It paralyzed her left side and left her in overall poor health. Her left hand was useless.” (3) The author uses the repetition of the word her and left in the beginning of the sentences as an example of anaphora.
 2. Anecdote - “We put food in the shopping bags and took it on the subway without incident… Mommy held onto the purse… Finally the mugger got the purse and ran off as his buddy laughed at him, and mommy fell to the ground.” (33-34) The author uses this anecdote to describe the type of place they lived in and what kind of people they were in the world. He spoke on race and how it was after the purse was taken. …show more content…

Aphorism - “Am i black or white?” “You’re a human being. Educate yourself or you’ll be a nobody!” (92) The author uses this as an example of aphorism because he is showing how his mom wants him to be educated in the way you see people. Basically stating race is not a factor in the bigger picture of the world, were all human beings.
 4. Asyndeton - “When I woke later on, I opened the lunch bag Mama has packed for me and inside. Tucked between the knishes and matzo balls and chopped liver, was her polish passport, with her picture inside.” (Pg 215) This is an example of asyndeton because the author doesn’t use conjunction in a long sentence that contains commas, but instead just continues to elaborate.
 5. Bathos - “Our store was rickety, old, huge wooden structure that looked like it was held together by toothpicks and glue.” (40) Used to point out how the store is worn out and not in a brand new style or modern.
 6. Colloquial language - “He said I was the oldest living at home, I had to watch out for Mommy and my little brothers and sisters because y’all are special,”he said. (128) In this sentence the author uses the word ‘y’all’ which is grammatically incorrect language and an example of colloquial …show more content…

Euphemism - “Negro” (89) The author used this device so the reader would know the harsh racist term of black slaves that was used on him and his siblings. 
 8. Hypothetical statement - “He must get worse before he gets better.” (242) This is hypothetical because it is a double negative and is used as an exaggeration or emphasis on how bad he was. If you get worse it will only be harder to get better.
 9. Juxtaposition - “There was a part of me that feared Black Power would be the end of my mother… It frightened the shit out of me, I thought to myself, these people will kill mommy. Mommy on the other head, seemed unconcerned.” (pg. 27) The device is used to contrast the characters feelings on black power. 
 10. Metaphor - “What color is God’s spirit?” ‘It doesn’t have a color’ she said- God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.” (51) The metaphor is to compare God to the color of water to show us that God doesn’t have a race or color which emphasizes the point of the story that race and color are not important and humans should be seen as being. 11. Metonymy - “I want to accept Jesus Christ into my life and join the church.” (235) The author used this device to refer to the church as a group rather than

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