Examples Of Critical Thinking Interventions

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Introduction: In this critical thinking scenario, nursing care related to the clinical case of Mrs.Aundrey Smith a 75 year old lady who was brought to Emergency Department for the management of fracture NOF (neck of femur), soft tissue injury and bruising to her left shoulder as well as small hematoma to her left forehead will be discussed. A comprehensive and holistic assessment of the case will be done to identify the nursing diagnosis, activities and rational which will be supported by current evidence based practices. Activities will be based on priority and evaluation will be done to assess the effectiveness of care and also to modify the care if needed. Nursing Interventions 1. Safety Patient safety is the first and foremost priority in healthcare system (Huang L. , 2013). Since Audrey is an elderly with femoral fracture, soft tissue injury and small bruising on left shoulder along with hematoma on the left side of head the safety measures will be  Eliminate Risk for fall Audrey is vulnerable, so she may fall if not taken adequate measures (Meyer, Kopke, & Muhm, 2005). Appropriate tool kit should be developed according to the patient condition to prevent and manage fall (fisher, 2013). Nursing interventions will be orienting her to the ward and surroundings. Provide safe surrounding to the patient by setting a cluster free environment. Lower the bed and ensure that patient lie in the centre of the bed. Ensure the bed side alarms works properly so that patient can
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