Examples Of Desegregation In Public Schools

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Desegregation in public schools

1954 in october 11. Emma a five year old, she asks “If she could go to the white kids school?”. Her parents tells her “That can never be,because the schools are segregated”. She shakes her and heads off to school. As she goes to school she begins to think how the white kids school looks better than the black kids school. She then thinks “I should have the same things as anyone else”. Nine years past since that day,Emma is now on the top of her grades and classes. But she knows she’s not getting the really education she needs or wants. The teacher gains her attention as she comes back from her thoughts. “Sorry Mr.Ekins,but i have a question i’m hoping you could answer?” she asks. “Yes what’s your question?”
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He learns that he is considered as a second class citizen. And how in society thinks that any colored person is lesser than a white man or woman. He goes home and speaks to his family about this. “So wherever i go i would be treated differently to other just because i’m black,why?’ he asks. His father tells him that he asked his father the same thing “why do i have to be treated differently just because i'm black?. My father told me that some people can’t see the ignorances in this and that we have to fight for what's right,because we're the only one who see’s the wrong in this and not other’s” James father Mark said. James looks at him with a flame in his eye and says “So it’s up to us to show people that we are all the same and it doesn't matter what our color is”. He’s father shakes his head yes and tells him “You’re blessed with the skin you have for a reason son. You are the one to show everyone that we all work as one to make the world better”. James takes what his father words to the heart. He gets the education he needs even as he faces jim crow. James goes off to college and get his masters in communication. James was one of the one’s who spoke for all black people when fighting for the same rights as everyone else. By the 1960’s James helped end Jim crows laws and he said “The only one who will stand up for you is you.So dont stand aside and whatch things happen make things
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