Examples Of Ethical Issues In The Movie

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6. Do you think the form of presentation of ethical issues in that art-form a correct portrayal of the ethical issue? Was it lost in details or made subtle, intangible and more convincing? 300 words.

The ethical issues manifest in the form of unintentional irony. Bruner remarks in the first half of the movie that she is an agnostic, skeptical woman and does not believe in Father Moore’s explanation of the events that have transpired. Later on when she herself experiences some events that veer on the threshold of the supernatural, she decides to prove to the court that Emily in fact was possessed by demons. In the end, failing to produce adequate evidence, she manipulates the jury using Father Moore’s background and influences them further by invoking their faith, the faith that she has newly discovered.

If the viewers find themselves engaging with the supernatural aspect of the film, they certainly miss the ethical breach that Bruner commits. Because the viewer follows the movie only from the point of view of either Bruner or Father Moore, they are oblivious to the manipulation that Bruner and Father Moore execute throughout. The ethical issue is not presented as the central issue – the use of religious sentiments to sway the public …show more content…

In the movie, when Emily was refused medical aid (approved by her), raises the question, whether right to life include, right to die. In Indian context, Supreme Court in the case of Gian Kaur v. State of Punjab 1996 AIR 946 held that “Art.21 is a provision guaranteeing protection of life and personal liberty and by no stretch of imagination can extinction of life’ be read to be included in protection of life.” Further, in State of Punjab v. M.S. Chawla (dated 17 December, 1996), it has been held that- the right to life guaranteed under Article 21 includes within its ambit the right to health and medical care which were not granted in this

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