Examples Of Hero In The Outsiders

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Batman, Spider-Man, Superman: we associate each of these characters as an idealistic hero. Growing up, a hero meant someone who had enough courage to fight off the enemy. We imagine our heroes in a cape or costume out saving the lives of many. An ideal hero would receive achievements for his or her efforts, but those heroes do not compare to the “American Hero”. In early European literature, a hero was one who ventured on a journey with hopes to return home a hero. Although similar, an American Hero is different from a European Hero for the values and way of life differed from Europe to the United States. To be a uniquely American Hero, one must not expect praise as a result of their selfless journey away from civilization throughout …show more content…

Hawkeye is an American Hero since he does not anticipate admiration for finding himself through his exertion in nature. American Heros have a unique way of functioning in society.
A wide variety of examples allude to the American Hero. American Heroes isolate themselves in nature. An example of this is Rip Van Winkle in the short story, Rip Van Winkle, when he goes for a walk into the woods to escape his wife. Rip is not happy in his current situation, so he takes it upon himself to abort and solve his problems through nature. Like Ponyboy Curtis, Rip endeavours an adventure as remotely far away from civilization. Since Rip undergoes a journey throughout nature without the existence of society, he is an American Hero. In The Last American Man, a man by the name of Eustace Conway believes humans belong in nature. When Conway was 12 he began to isolate himself in the woods alone, living off the land. At 17, he moved out of his family home and lived in a teepee out in the woods, surviving solely off the land and his own wilderness survival abilities. Eustace took it upon himself to strive through life without the help of others. He did not expect help from anyone nor did he expect praise for his immense accomplishments throughout his life in the woods. Another example of an American Hero is John Reid in, The Lone Ranger. Reid gains a

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