Examples Of Integrity

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Integrity is something everyone claims to have, but in reality not everyone has the prowess to show integrity on a day to day basis. Almost everyone could name a time or situation in which they showed integrity, but I believe a true person of integrity does the right thing everyday without expecting any type of reward or recognition for their actions. There are three things that all people with integrity do to separate them from the average person. First thing is always taking responsibility for their actions instead of blaming it on someone else. The second thing is being respectful to everyone, no matter what the situation is or who you are with. And last but not least, people with integrity keep their word and do what they said they were going to do. Although they might go mostly unnoticed these are the three main characteristics I try to apply to my life each day in order to be a person of integrity. Taking responsibility for my actions isn’t always easy. There is always excuses to be made or other people to blame it on, but I know that doing either of those things won’t do any benefit in the long run or …show more content…

It’s very easy to make a promise to yourself or someone else. Keeping that promise it what most everyone struggles with. Especially with all the temptations to break that promise whether you told yourself you’d type that paper tonight instead of waiting to the last minute or making sure you pick up your friend for school despite running a little late. It all boils down to being a reliable person. Being an honest and trustworthy person is something I pride myself in. By staying true to my word, people can trust and rely on me which is a big part of life and working in groups. People lose respect for others when they are constantly going back on their word and breaking promises, but someone with true integrity always keeps their promises no matter how hard that might

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