Examples Of Motifs In Creation Myths

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Motifs in Creation Myths
There are many motifs in mythology. A motif is a repeating idea. Learning these myths are challenging, but they explain so much about how the Earth, time, and humans were created. Explaining the myths, or even the motifs, could be hard considering there are many different ideas on why and how the motifs are included. Three motifs caught my attention, which were the destruction from gods, humans created from organic materials, and family trees, and I am here to explain them.

Destruction from Gods
The first myth: destruction of the gods. I have heard about so much destruction in so many myths, including the Aztec, Maori, Yoruba Creations. In the Aztec creation, there would be blood offerings and sacrifices. If no …show more content…

Olokun wanted revenge, and he created a great flood, which took out almost all of Obatala’s creations. The reason why I think that this motif was repeated because the gods were angry that they weren’t able to use their knowledge or power and they wanted to get revenge.

Human Creation
The next motif: human creation of organic materials. There were many myths that had gods creating humans out of many different things. The Inca used stone, yet they were pitiful and did not know anything, including how to survive. The Inuit’s humans came from a pea-pod, yet the god Raven did not know how. The Yoruba used clay, as well as the Chinese did. The Yoruba shaped the humans out of clay, then breathed life into them. The Chinese formed the humans out of clay, but made it to where they had legs instead of tails. The Enuma Elish used bones and flesh, after the war that took place, using the bones and the making of the flesh. The Mayan used corn paste, after many attempts of making humans. The Norse used trees, that had fallen over. The reason why I think this motif has repeated in so many myths is because even without them knowing, humans are now created from organic materials. Another reason could be that they wanted to create humans to help work and take care of the Earth.

Family Trees
The last creation: family trees. There have been many family trees with many children. In the Egyptian creation, the first generation of gods was Atum, then the next was Shu and

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