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Office Aid
Lakota High School Office: Kansas, Ohio
• I was the third arm of the office team at my high school.
• I answered the phone, took messages, made copies, distributed mail, watched the office, ran errands, and did any of the oddball jobs that the full-time secretaries did not have time for.
• I ultimately was a person who tried to help to calm the delightfully hectic world of a high school office.
Library Aid
Lakota Local School’s Media Center: Kansas, Ohio
• Acting in similar duties as I did in the office, I helped to catalogue/check out books and do what I could make the lives of the full-time staff easier.

• I find organization to be the most important skill of all to be …show more content…

Everyone that walks by that desk has a fascinating story with all kinds of different twists and turns that will better educate myself in my journey. This job, in my opinion, seems like the best way to connect with other people living in Morrison Tower. By becoming an office assistant, I hope to make a small part of their day just a little bit better.

This position is very customer service orientated. What is your definition of good service?

My definition of good service is simple; residents should leave the front desk happier than when they arrived. Good service doesn’t always stem from big picture concepts but from minute details that make the resident’s experience enjoyable. From smiling and saying “Hello” to being prepared for almost any question that can be asked to wishing them a great day. Most importantly, never to utter the phrase “I don’t know.” I’m a firm believer that the more appropriate phrase is along the lines of “let me find that out for you.” All in all, being carefully considerate to project kindness, confidence, and knowledge is my definition of good service.

Describe a difficult situation or problem you had to address. How did you handle it?

My dad and my uncle were very close growing up and even became business partners after college. Because our dads were so close; my cousins, my sister and I were close friends as well. Things did not pan out well and my dad

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