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Personal Narrative It was the year of 2013, I was going into 4th grade and school was just a month away. But it wasn’t the 4th grade that I was looking forward to, because my family was moving to a small town in Wisconsin named Mosinee. I grew up in a suburb just on the outskirts of the great city known as Chicago. I loved it there, and wanted to live there for the rest of my life; I guess my parents didn’t exactly feel the same way. Little did I know that this move would shape my personality and change me in many different ways. And ultimately, to make me a better person as a whole. When I told my very few friends that I was moving, they always asked why. I really didn’t have an answer and didn’t think about it that much. The day eventually came, and we had all of our stuff was ready, my family was ready, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t imagine a life without my normal friends and my normal school, and didn’t realize that this move would be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
After we gave our hardest goodbye, I started my journey to my new house. I tried to stay optimistic, but that was very hard because I new that I wasn’t going to get another friend until school started, which was a month away. I also don’t have a relationship
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There was one more problem too, while I was friends with Mathias, I didn’t have any other friends. So I made it my mission to find my new Mathias. There was one kid named Cole Holtz, I told him about how I used to live in Chicago. He found my story very amusing we hung out more and more. We are still friends to this very day, and I find it incredible how a small story could spark a great friendship. He eventually introduced me to his friend named Caden Hrebik. Caden was a shy kid like I was at the time, so we got along very well. We called ourselves the three musketeers, and it was the of something great, for
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