Examples Of Rationale From John To Lenina

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A Brave New World sets 500 years in the future, in a whole new society in which technology has taken away feelings. Concepts as parenthood, love and liberty no longer exists, and people take soma, a drug, to maintain the society order.
This letter is from John to Lenina, where he explains the reasons of his suicide and asks her to wake up and see the world in a different and more human way. It is written with a nostalgic informal tone and it is directed to an all-ages audience, especially school students.
I used first person informal language with a nostalgic, almost desperate tone, in which I wanted to show John’s inside struggles applying phrases like “Am I sinning for wanting more than I deserve?” and “And it's wrong, and it's …show more content…

Personally, I think Lenina needed an explanation about his behavior. Furthermore, John was a Shakespeare’s follower so he wouldn’t end his life without …show more content…

Romeo, Othello, Hamlet... They made the same decision. This is the only way out, Lenina, and it hurts me so much the fact that I cannot show you the way I see the world. It hurts me not to be able to get you out of this place, where you live locked up in a golden cage without knowing it.
I wish I could introduce you to God, Shakespeare and pain. I would like you to know the concept of chastity, motherhood and love. I would like, Lenina, for you to see me the way I saw you when I met you.
You should know that I always think about you, Lenina; In every way, right and wrong. And it's wrong, and it's fine, and I'm going crazy. I always pray for you, Lenina. To Jesus, to Pookong, to all the gods I know and whom I do not know.
I wish I could have been your Romeo. I wish you would have been my Juliet. I wish things had been different... Am I sinning for wanting more than I deserve?
Honestly, Lenina... I do not know how you're going to take this. I do not know if this is going to change anything in you, or if you're just going to throw it away, like you do with everything else. But,
Lenina, Love. Cry, laugh. Feel. Pain is a part of life. Live.

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