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“Assignment/ Service Diary” Location: Red Robin Restaurant. Day/Time: Friday, 8:00 PM. Why This Location: Going out to celebrate my uncle’s wife little brother’s birthday. It is a casual restaurant with an informal atmosphere where families would go to sit down to grab dinner and engage in conversations. It wasn’t a busy night though, the employee who greeted us with her warm smile was exceedingly companionable and guided us to our tables. As I sat down, the waiter came to welcome us and handed out the menus to each of my relatives and friends sitting down at the table. There were multiple of employees who were greeting newcomers and outgoers, as other employees toiled to get food orders, make drink refills, and scrubbed tables. All the employees were well-mannered and dressed properly from head to toe; ages around twenty-five to thirty-five years old. The restaurant had entertaining music playing, the background has many vivid colors on the walls, the restaurant was immaculate, and …show more content…

Customers who I’ve seen were in groups as relatives/family and they were casually dressed, no special assistance was needed when it came to elderly people coming in nor parents with children. The employees that were working in the restaurant at that time was speaking formally with a tone of sarcasm which made the individuals laugh, smiled, and joked around. When it came to the service, from what I’ve seen, no customers were criticizing or complaining about the service, everyone including myself was waiting for a reasonable amount of time approximately three to five minutes for all our food to arrive. If I had to wait longer, I wouldn’t complain because the appetizers, main courses, and desserts were scrumptious. The customers seem to be satisfied with the courses/product also individuals were appreciating the service and were socializing with their friends or family

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